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2021 Edition of ANSI RVIA/RVEC-1 Recommended Practice

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  • This recommended practice provides uniform testing criteria and safety testing requirements for exterior components installed on RVs. The purpose of this recommended practice, of laboratory test procedures, is to provide minimum safety criteria, through uniform testing, of exterior components when installed and used on RVs. The design, manufacture, assembly, and maintenance of vehicular components identified in this Recommended Practice and installed on recreational vehicles needs to be performed under controlled conditions and as part of a system of quality control practices. This Recommended Practice has been developed as a voluntary guideline to clarify and assist in the proper testing of exterior components. This Recommended Practice does not purport to state that any particular type of component or product should be used in any specific application or that any other particular practice, procedure, or methods will not achieve as good or better results, depending upon the particular circumstances involved, or will not be reasonably satisfactory for the type of operations the exterior component manufacturer performs, the type and volume of exterior components it produces, and other circumstances peculiar to its overall manufacturing and assembly processes.