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When and Where
  • August 21, 2019
  • Virtual

The RV Industry Association works to maintain that ability for the industry to hold itself accountable to consumers and the public, rather than react to imposed government regulation.

With this goal in mind, the government affairs team at the association is working to make sure that lawmakers at all levels understand that the RV industry is forward-thinking when it comes to how we do business - like having efficient and safe manufacturing processes, taking care of our environment for future generations and investing in our employees and communities.

In just 20 minutes during this month’s Driving Policy Webinar, you will hear from RV Industry Association’s Manager of Government and Political Affairs Samantha Rocci and Legislative Analyst Ashley Brinkman who will explain how CSR programs allow companies to stay ahead of government regulation.

A link to the webinar will be emailed directly to you on August 21. Registration for the webinar will close at 1pm on August 21, so be sure to sign up before then.